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September, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ready To Have YOUR TEAM Write $100k (Or More) In P&C Premium Every Month…

…WITHOUT You Personally Having To Do Most Of The Selling & Servicing Of Your Book Of Business?

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You’ll Have The RARE Opportunity To…

  • Learn how to attract and hire top producers in a very competitive employee marketplace.

  • Learn how to sell the Protege opportunity to talented individuals, who’ll leave high-paying jobs to work in your agency.

  • Learn how to pay your staff in a way that maximizes their earning potential and allows you to be profitable every month.

  • Learn how to close new business (via internet leads and referrals) despite your rates not being competitive most of the time.

  • Learn how to generate your own EXCLUSIVE leads via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Direct Mail.

  • Learn from the Top 1% agents on topics they specialize in, such as Life Insurance, Direct Mail, Lead Automation, Client Onboarding, Referrals From Loan Officers, Client Retention, and MUCH more!

  • Network with 500 other agency owners who are experiencing the same challenges as you are and have overcome the same obstacles.

AND Sooooooooo Much More!

TWO Full Days Of Non-Stop GROWTH IDEAS!

It’s All Happening in
Las Vegas, Nevada!

YES! Save My Seat! September 2023 in Las Vegas, NV


This year, hundreds of the most driven P&C insurance agents will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada to learn what’s new and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in top-performing insurance agencies. Here’s what you can expect to learn at this year’s Insurance Growth Conference…

Recruiting High Performing Producers

Instead of you having to be the best at everything in your agency, you’ll learn how to attract and hire top-level talent to replace you, so that you can focus on working ON the business instead of working IN the business. Remember, you CANNOT achieve your ambitious goals alone.

People Development & Alignment

Learn a new and improved model for aligning, developing and retaining your top-tier talent to stay with you for many years. Remember, businesses don’t move people… PEOPLE move businesses.

Sales Scripting & Training

Learn the most powerful sales process in the insurance industry called the 6-Step Script To A One Call Close. Regardles of where you get your leads (internet leads or referrals), you’ll learn how to close new business in the first call despite your rates not being competitive. Remember, when you follow a PROVEN RECEIPIE, you get PREDICTABLE RESULTS.

Lead Generation & Marketing

Learn how to generate your own EXCLUSIVE leads via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Direct Mail. When done correctly, you can generate your own leads for under $10 per lead. Remember, you cannot scale without a strategic marketing plan.

Event Speakers

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Our No-Risk
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We’re so confident you’ll learn a ton over two days at the Insurance Growth Conference, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is. If the Insurance Growth Conference isn’t everything you wanted it to be, we’ll give you your money back! To be fair, you must attend the entire event and complete your workbook during the event; and… if you were not satisfied, simply return your completed workbook to the event staff onsite at the end of the second day and submit these three things: (a) proof of payment, (b) completed workbook, (c) written certification that you are not satisfied that the information and/or materials presented at the event. If these requirements are met, you will be issued a full refund. That means there’s NO RISK to you!

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